Arrange a settlement

Are you unable to settle the payment at once? You can submit a payment proposal. We will discuss this proposal with our client and inform you if the proposal is approved.

A creditor is not obliged to agree to a payment proposal. Therefore, it could be possible that a proposal is not accepted. For example, the proposed payment does not suffice. We will get in touch with you when this happens. To improve your position, create a solid payment proposal that is likely to be accepted.

How can I submit a proposal?

The best way to to arrange a settlement is via Karreman Online. If you have not received your login credentials from us, you can request them by contacting:

You could also fill in the form listed below. If you are able to settle the payment within three instalments with a maximum of one month, you could also propose a monthly payment. In that case, you do not need to provide any additional information.

If you are unable to settle the payment within three instalments, we ask you to propose a payment structure using the following information. Without this additional information, we are unable to process your proposal. The following information is requested:

  • Most recent two payment slips or benefits statement belonging to you and your partner (if applicable).
  • Bank statements of all your bank accounts from the past two months, including:
    • All descriptions (i.e. salary/benefits, allowances, provisional refund and other means of income, etc.).
    • Debit statement of your rent or mortgage
    • Debit statement of other creditors

Conducting the payment

You can conduct the payment using one of the following methods:

  1. by monthly transaction to our escrow account NL43RABO0393203816. Do not forget to include your file number
  2. via iDeal (
  3. via Karreman Online

NB: You are responsible for fulfilling the payment agreement.

Fields with an Asterix (*) are mandatory. 

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    Wij vragen u om onderstaande gegevens in te vullen als u in meer dan 3x kunt betalen.

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    Documenten uploaden:

    1. Bankafschriften (verplicht)
    2. Loonstroken of uitkeringsspecificaties (verplicht)
    [multifile* bestanden]
    Zonder deze documenten nemen wij uw voorstel niet in behandeling.